• 25 October 2017

More than art at this year’s Art Franschhoek

Visitors to this weekend’s 2nd annual Art Franschhoek will be treated to something extra when visiting the valley. Taking the art offering up a level is the introduction of a performing arts group known as the Franschhoek Theatre, who under the leadership of founder Jeffrey Siqwayi, will be delighting visitors with their performances during the opening weekend.

Jeffrey identified a need in the local community to get the youth off the streets and harness their talents in an effective way. His love for arts and its benefits encouraged Jeffrey to establish the JMP Foundation and ultimately the Franschhoek Theatre. The JMP Foundation is an art organization which develops the youth through art, which ranges from performing arts to visual art.

At this year’s Art Franschhoek Jeffrey and his troupe will keep visitors with an array of performances, which include:

Music (different genres which include Kwaito);
Poetry (Township rhythm and African);
Dance (Kwaito and faith dance);
Drama (township life)

Through their performances, the audience will get a glimpse into township life and its vibrancy. The Franschhoek Theatre will be performing in the Franschhoek Town Hall on Saturday, 28 October (3pm to 4pm) and Sunday, 29 October (11:30am to 12:30pm). No pre-booking is required, and entry to their show is free. Simply show up and support what promises to be an amazing performance.

For more information as well as the full Art Franschhoek programme visit http://franschhoek.org.za/event/art-franschhoek-2/.

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